Formfree Branding Photo Studio is the essential branch business of Formfree Branding Ltd.. We specialize in identification photo and commercial photography, including portrait, product photo, real estate exterior and internal space photo, conference and event photo, wedding photo and so on.


    We successfully take more than 700 passport photos, visa photos, permanent resident card photos and other kind of headshots per year. Living in a migrate province and country here in PEI and Canada, we believe we dedicate the newcomers a bit to get their identification and self-identification. Also, we have taken hundreds of business portraits, especially for young people, so they can present a highlighted personal image within their careers.


    For anyone who is not just satisfied with regular passport or visa photo, our surrounding lighting studio, hi-end camera and professional photographer might deliver more.

    Canadian Passport

    / Permanent Resident Card

    Photo Sample

    Canada Visitor Visa

    / Work Permit

    / Study Permit

    Photo Sample

    USA Passort / Visa

    Photo Sample

    Schengen Visa

    Photo Sample

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